stage 4 cancer Patient Won $250000

Cancer is no doubt a deadly dangerous disease and the patient’s recovery rates are quite low if it has reached stage 4. Stage 4 is the final Mesothelioma Cancer stage. A cancer stage 4 patient in North Carolina won a lottery ticket.

Richard Beare of Charlotte is going to take his significant wife to a dream trip as he has won a prize of $250,000 from Carolina Black scratch-off ticket.

Richard Beare said that “I recently got diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancers. I want to travel while I can still enjoy myself. My wife has always wanted to go to Italy, since that’s where her descendants are from. Now I can take her.”

The retired auto repairman is definitely not a usual lottery player, however he ceased by a QuikTrip in Charlotte two weeks back to purchase Powerball tickets after his better half discussed the monster bonanza. He additionally chose to buy four $5 Carolina Black lottery tickets.

He further said that the fourth one of the tickets was the winner one. He told that,  “When I saw that I had matching numbers, I asked (the clerk), ‘What does it mean if I match the numbers?’ She replied that you have won the prize, “Well, I guess we just won $250,000 then.” So the girl was shocked and just kept looking at me and the ticket.

Richard Beare is going to take $176,876 after taxes.

He is a patient of stage 4 cancer and he still want to enjoy the remaining days with his wife. He is not caring about his disease and wants to spend the prize money with his wife.

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