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Python Swallowed a Tennis Ball - Kelly - 02-15-2017

Python Swallowed a Tennis Ball

Python swallowed a Tennis Ball Thought about an Egg in Towns Valley, Australia
The Python suffered as the Tennis ball stuck in the belly.

[Image: mW85jMH.jpg]

A pet Python swallowed the Tennis ball and the ball stuck in the bell and her condition made the owner worried about her health. The owner then called the animal specialist and the doctor took X-ray of the Python and then it was revealed that the Python has a Tennis ball in her belly.

[Image: QU71Hjg.jpg]

The snake expert said that snake swallowed the wrong food and the people in the house judged condition of Python immediately.
The doctors then gave a massage to the Python to get the ball out. It worked and they slowly and steadily got the ball out of the Python’s mouth. The snakes experts took the ball out after efforts of 20 minutes.

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[Image: DNpJ6Lq.gif]

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