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Full Version: Have You Played These Greate Games?
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Hi friends I have been searching for some video games that are great to play. I have found some while searching I have played some of these but not all. Tell me that have you played these lovely games are not? Here are the list of video games:

[Image: video_games_1.jpg]
  •    Shadowgate (2014)
  •    World of Goo
  •    Last Door (pc version)
  •    Papers, Please
  •    Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition I & II
  •    Lords of Waterdeep
  •    Hero Siege
  •    Baldur's Gate 1 & 2
  •    Magic the Gathering
  •    Hearthstone
  •    Legend of Grimrock l & ll
  •    Mortal Kombat X
  •    Arkham Knight
I would love to play Arkham Knight. I have heard about this video game a lot but have not yet played. Hero siege is a great game as well. I liked it.