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Full Version: China’s Tianhe-3 will be the World's Most Powerful Supercomputer Coming in 2017
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China’s Tianhe-3 will be the World's Most Powerful Supercomputer Coming in 2017

The world's most powerful supercomputer in China is nearing completion which will be capable of putting a billion calculations in a second.

China is going to introduce the world’s most powerful super computer “Tianhe-3” this year. Which can do one quintillion (1018) calculations in one second. This will be the first supercomputer in the sense that 'Exascale’, will gain power (1000 Petaflops). It means that 33 million computers of 3 GHz speed processor combined and this computer will be even more powerful then these computers. The work continues in China's' national supercomputer center, which has exclusive global reputation of making the fastest supercomputer.

[Image: Lc3gJLv.jpg]

2 most high-speed supercomputers The “Sunway TaihuLight” and ' Tianhe-2'are formed in the same lab with the first (Sunway TaihuLight) can operate at high speeds of 125 Petaflops in the world and Tianhe-2 PC has about 55 Petaflops of high speed.

On the list of the 'world's most powerful supercomputers third is United States' Titan who has 27 Petaflops of high speed which is quite less than that of these Chinese supercomputers. Saudi Arabia’s “Shahin II” is on the 10 position of the top 10 fastest supercomputers of the world.

[Image: 0Z4rApf.png]

According to the National supercomputer center's press release, Tianhe-3 completion date was set in 2018 but the center is working day and night and now it will be completed before the end of the 2017.

In the race of super computers United States do not want to be second, The US Department of Energy 'executives scale computing project under which has been working on a supercomputer  with 1000 Petaflops (1 Exascale) target but that would have been expected completion year is 2023.

These supercomputers are used in very high and difficult calculations and scientific experiments. These supercomputers help in the research work on various scientific modules.