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Uplifting News Story as a Dog is Saved from a Burning Building
Uplifting News Story as a Dog is Saved from a Burning Building

Officer Robert Winkler, whose body camera got the brave scene, hauled the puppy out of the consuming building.

Officer Austin Denninger conveyed the apparently oblivious pooch over the road, where the officers controlled CPR, rapidly adjusting the lifesaving methods they have been prepared to use on people. It worked; the canine woke up and started to relax.

“When it finally started to come to and it caught its breath, it was breathtaking for me,” Denniger told news station WMAZ, one of many media outlets to cover this story.

“The last thing you want is that this dog is going to die right in front of me,” Winkler said. “It's a really low feeling, so you have to do something. You can't just stand by."

Sergeant John Chafee, representative for the Atlanta Police Department, said the association is "to a great degree glad for everybody required" with protecting the canine.

[Image: 9lTDi1p.jpg]

"Our officers are trained to help and to save lives. Most of the time we see this play out with officers working to save a person’s life, but in this case our officers saw an animal in need and acted to help," he said.

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