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UFC Fighter Craps all Over Cage Mat During Fight
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UFC Fighter Shits/Craps all Over Cage Mat During Fight
MMA Fighter Poops All Over The Ring After Being Choked Out, VIDEO: Fighter Poops Himself After Being Choked Out and It's Gross, MMA Fighter Poops Himself In The Ring While Being Choked Out, Fighters Who Shit Themselves During A Fight, Regional fighter has accident, poops on canvas after being submitted, MMA Fighter Caught in A Chokehold Poops All Over Octagon Canvass.MMA Fighter shits on the Mat After Being Defeated.  MMA cage fighter "The Brown Bomber" Travis Wolford exploded poop all over the cage! It even runs down his leg! He went to the chili festival in town before his fight and CHILI BEANS ARE ALL OVER THE MAT! A must will probably dry heave on this one!

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[Image: 6mHXs0O.png]

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