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Trump Declared Journalists the Most Dishonest People
Trump Declared Journalists the Most Dishonest Persons

President Donald Trump declared the journalists as the most dishonest persons and said a war between them and the media is there.
President Donald Trump has become the most controversial president of the American history and protests that were started on Friday before the oath taking ceremony are going stronger. However, Donald Trump lashed out on the media that they showed that the number of people attending the presidential inauguration ceremony was not in large numbers and the President declared to journalists the most dishonest men.
[Image: 5gbppbc.jpg]

Donald Trump said that he is having a war with media as the journalists told the public that the people attended the oath taking ceremony were not in large numbers. He said that the oath taking event had a number of people when I saw a TV show the ground was shown empty.

He said that “When I looked out over the inauguration ceremony there were a number of people there but the media showed that there wasn’t anything. Trump said further, after criticizing the journalists, that the media will have to pay a heavy price for such reporting.


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