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Titanium-alloy Legs Implanted to a Cat
Titanium-alloy Legs Implanted to a Cat

The cat can move her prosthetic legs and she cleans them by her tongue as well.
As we know that human parts are replaced by artificial parts when they are damaged but now animal parts can also be replaced by artificial parts.

[Image: p3TjuVn.jpg]

This cat lost her back legs in an accident. An animal’s surgeon took the initiative to get her walk again on her feet again and he was successful in doing this.
Special artificial legs for pussy in the beginning were not available then the surgeon made titanium metal legs using the help of some colleagues prepare by himself. It took a complex and lengthy operation to transplant them to this lovely cat.
A few weeks after the operation the cat began to walk slowly, but it took some time to get used to artificial legs. According to the Surgeons estrangement of her artificial legs is almost gone now. Now she walks and uses them as they are original and she licks and cleans them with her tongue.

[Image: g8s7hB8.jpg]

First artificial legs were applied to a British cat and now this love cat is the second one. After the success of the operation the Surgeon had done 3 more cat operations where he patched the artificial legs.

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