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The World's Biggest Radio Telescope Designed To Find Out Aliens
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The World's Biggest Radio Telescope Designed To Find Out Aliens

The China made world’s largest radio telescope will start working from the next week to find out aliens.
It is called 'Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope or FAST”, and it will be used to get information about aliens from, even the corners of the, universe. It will help to see far away planets and stars.

[Image: LfWwsTn.jpg]

But Chinese experts are keen to see an intelligent alien species in the universe that is sending radio signals to the Earth. The experts said, is the first light, which means that the telescope will be able to get an image of the universe for the first time.
There was a radio telescope in Puerto Rico that was considered as World’s biggest telescope but now more than 9 thousand Chinese experts and engineers have built the largest telescope in the world, which is twice as big in Puerto Rico telescope.

[Image: nmfcBY2.jpg]

The 500 meters circumference dish antenna is powerful that will be able to see the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies and possibly intelligent creatures in the depths of the universe.

Russia also has made 576-meter wide radio telescope adding several pieces and the internal surface area is too small, but FAST has a single giant dish. FAST telescope consumed huge amount of US$180 million and it is made after 5 years of hard work.

[Image: U6uZmfu.png]

To change the direction of the dish, steel ropes and hydraulic machines will be used. 400 experts were looking for a perfect place to build and it took 10 years to find a suitable place in Guizhou Province, China. Because the valley is in a cup shape and there are less radio interferences.

[Image: X2cnqNf.jpg]

Love for all

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