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Tell me about HTML and CSS briefly What is the Difference?
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I am always asked this question that what is the difference in HTML and CSS. I want you answers for this question. I will be better for every new learner of HTML and CSS to first distinguish between the two.
I love to spread knowledge.
HTML is like the skeleton of a body and CSS is like the skin of the body. The HTML is used to make the skeleton of a web page and then after the skeleton is build the skin is added with the help of CSS.
Consider a building in your mind so you can understand it well. Firs of all you make the over all structure of the building. After the structure is completed you are going to make it more beautiful with coloring it or painting it etc.

The HTML and CSS work very much similar to this concept. You have to construct building structure first or make web page with HTML and then paint it with CSS.
Love for all
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