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Social Media Star Priya Prakash Without Makeup Pictures Viral
Social Media Star Priya Prakash Varrier Best Expressions Latest Videos and Pictures

Since last 4 days, a video of a few seconds is going on social media, in which a girl and boy are talking blindly, this style of talking with eyesight has become so popular on social media that the video exists The girl became just the world's most popular girl in a few hours.

[Image: ESscWzh.jpg]

The 18-year-old girl, Priya Prakash, who is seen in the video, belonged to Kerala, and the boy with her is Roshan Abdurov. There are also actors with both the students and this video is the first Malayalam film "Oru Adaar Love''

[Image: j3IRaLW.jpg]

Priya's popularity can be gauged that the number of followers of their Instagram account was just 5,000 before the video was viral, but in 4 days the number has increased to 3.2 million.

Real Priya Video is different from the appearance of the video, without the promotional images make-up images are viral on social media. In which the girl looks like a normal girl.

[Image: 3pRKWkX.jpg]

It is clear that during the 24 hours of social media, Priya Prakash and Roshan Abdurov's viral video saw 1 million people, and more than 50,000 people were honored with respect to themselves.


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