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Palestinian Barber Uses Fire to Straighten Hair
Palestinian Barber Uses Fire to Straighten Hair

Barber who uses flames to straighten hair, Hairdresser sets clients' hair on fire in bizarre straightening technique. Ramadan Edwan the Palestinian barber who offers "Fire Barbering" as a technique to straightening hair. He is offering this service at Rafah refugee camp, southern Gaza.

[Image: 4tSG2kB.jpg]

The customer’s hair is set on fire with flammable powder after it is poured on the hair then he ablaze them with a large lighter. After setting the hair on fire he styles them.
Edwan thinks and says that this technique is good for blood circulation.

[Image: s5pVZbV.jpg]

“It also feeds hair and protects the root of it and the hair oils. The degree of temperature expands the follicles.” says Mr. Edwan.

[Image: HZ0u6XJ.jpg]

Amazing! This Palestinian barber uses fire to straighten hair.


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