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Mike Tyson knocked out Michael Spinks on 27 June 1988
[Image: yrYfhhF.jpg]

On this day: Mike Tyson knocks out Michael Spinks inside a round

One of the kings of Boxing Mike Tyson when he was on the to of his career.
The most famous 91 seconds of boxing are where Micke Tyson knocked out Michael Spinks on Monday June 27 1988. The fight held at the glitzy hotel owned by a certain Donald Trump, The Trump Plaza. This fight was the biggest money-spinner in the sport’s history at the time.

The fight was finished in no time. Spinks tried his level best to rise but he was not able to get up and he had been defeated in just 91-seconds. Tyson's peak time was at the age of 22 and he got undisputed heavyweight championship for almost two years.

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