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Iranian Girl Ruined Her Face to Become Angelina Jolie
Iranian Girl Ruined Her Face to Become Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie

[Image: nfS1wnc.gif]
Sahar Tabar a 19 year old Iranian girl says she is one of the biggest fans Angelina Jolie’s and "would do anything" to look like the Hollywood actress.

According to the foreign news agency, the 19-year-old girl of Iran, not only says herself a great fan of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, but also wants to like her screen ideal and for this work the girl had more than 50 plastic surgeries.

[Image: 9vm7OlJ.png]

According to the reports, after 50 surgeries she could not become like Angelina Jolie but was successful in becoming similar to a famous cartoon character, 'Corps Bride' (Dead Bride), which was the famous role of British and American Stop Motion Animated Music film released in 2005.

[Image: QaUe0Nd.gif]

In an interview the Iranian girl told that she lost weight in 4 months with dieting but after losing 40 kg of weight and having 50 plastic surgeries she could not become to look like Angelina Jolie. Now she has a very close resemblance with a famous cartoon character “Corps Bride”.

[Image: QBC8Gco.gif]
It seems a very professional Photoshop work. It is showing in the last picture qiute clearly as it is done a bit more than the other ones.

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