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How to make Money from Dailymotion?
I have seen a question post here that how we can make money from Youtube? My friends are make money from Dailymotion as well. Now I want to ask the question that can we make money from Dailymotion? If yes than how?

What would be the best way to earn more money on Dailymotion?
To make money from Dailymotion you have I think two choices. One is a publisher account and the other one in an official account or partner account. The difference is that in a publisher's account you have others videos and get views for these videos and you are paid for this. On the other hand in Partner account you have to upload your own videos and when your video is viewed and an ad impression has happened you will be paid.
The rates are very different for these accounts. The official or partner account has a much higher rates than the publisher's account.

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