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Fish Found in Potatoes in African Village
In Africa fish potatoes and at the same time
Fish Found in Potatoes in African Village. A video from Facebook page '' Animal World “ has gone viral on social media as it shows that live fish came out of potatoes under the ground.

This video is from a rural area in Africa and it is made by a tourist who saw local resident digging out potatoes and when they uncovered them live fish came out.

[Image: WlE2IpE.jpg]

The video did not tell anything about the fish but seeing cases likes this and their legs give a clue that they belong to the African types of mud fish. They call it African lung fish (spotted African lungfish) or cylinder lungfish also known as “Protopterus dolloi” scientifically.

Generally in these kinds of fish, the male fish dig themselves under the mud to protect the eggs and do not come out until the children came out of eggs.

It is strange and unknown that how these fish went into the potatoes but the local citizens told that it often happens. As we know that the fish can’t live without water for too long but it is very strange that the fish were living in potatoes without water. It shows that they have got something naturally that they can live without water and thanks to which it can survive in very low humidity in the long term.

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