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Facebook to introduce the Automatically Remove Message Service
Facebook to introduce the Automatically Remove Message Service

San Francisco: Two people will be able to encrypt your conversation on Facebook. Facebook has started testing a new service to maintain the confidentiality of the messages under.

[Image: 9QQ8OWK.jpg]

Secret messaging to a 'timer' option in which is the time given to the message and message will destroy itself after the given time. This option works like a Snap Chat with photos ends on time. It will be available to more than one billion users of Facebook. From one end to the other end of the conversation will be encrypted in Facebook chat.
Thus the governments and hackers will not be able to read your conversation. This feature is currently at the experimental level and few people are using it. This feature will be available to Facebook users in the world over the next two months.

You have to set the Facebook’s private messaging option manually unlike Viber and Snap Chat. The company wants to create private and secure messaging Facebook spokesman Tony Leach, chief messenger product. The Facebook said in a blog that this one-to-one confidential conversation option and can be used as specific device of any person (Smartphone or Tablet etc.) will be able to receive her authorized person.

Similarly the option to lock the messages will be available and the password will be used to open the messages between the persons. Nobody will be able to read or hear your conversations hackers or even the governments sensor instruments.

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