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Drugs Found in Miss Lebanon's Car in Australia
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Drugs Found in Miss Lebanon's Car in Australia

Heroin Found in the Car of Lebanese Beauty Queen, decided to take back the crown.
Keeping drugs, not wearing a seat belt and driving too fast are charges imposed.
After the drugs found in the car of Lebanon pageant winner Najah Ghamrawi the decision was taken by the pageant organizers to withdraw the crown from Najah Ghamrawi.

[Image: dt2JeAr.jpg]

According to media reports the Australian-born Miss Lebanon was traveling in her with a very high speed, Sydney police chased her but she did not stop and due to the fast burst of tire she had to stop.

The police recovered heroin from the Pageant's car, including 22 grams of ice heroin and another person sitting in the car was also arrested.

Both of them are being transferred to the police station where the arrested Pageant and the man was fined 350 thousand dollars for having drugs, not wearing seat belts and also driving car too fast.

Pageant organizers decided to take back the crown of Miss Lebanon from Najah Ghamrawi after the drugs were found in her car. Organizers say the Pageant has not been yet been accused and they are trying to contact her but she is not responding.

Spokesman Hiam Yazbeck said,
Quote:“apparent behaviour was not the image we wish to represent the Australian Lebanese community”

Quote:“Committee members are bitterly disappointed that she has been (allegedly) associated with drugs.”

She wrote about her journey in the social media as:

Quote:“A journey into the unknown. A journey that I am certain will provide me with great memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.”

[Image: GFGDeNp.jpg]

[Image: YVzYOa0.jpg]

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