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Down Syndrome Young Man Starts Million Dollar Company
Down Syndrome Young Man Starts Million Dollar Company

A young fellow with Down Syndrome has begun a million dollar organization whose mission is to spread joy through socks.

John, 21, has constantly cherished socks that address his mind-set and identity. After secondary school, he knew he needed to begin a business with his father, in this way, he chose to transform his adoration for socks into a vocation.

In December of 2016, John and his dad Mark propelled an online store named John's Crazy Socks.

Quote:"We seek those socks that will make a difference, that will make you smile or laugh, that will tug at your heart, that will add some zest to your life," the website states. "We are all about socks that will matter to you, that you will love and cherish."

John's Crazy Socks is what's known as a pick-and-pack stockroom, which implies they disperse socks made by different organizations.

[Image: 3v0yj8f.jpg]

In barely a year, John's Crazy Socks has delivered more than 42,000 requests and got about $2 million in income. They as of now offer 1,500 various types of socks.

Stamp trusts the organization has been effective in light of the fact that it centers around three primary standards:

1. Give expectation and motivation
2. Give back
3. Magnificent client benefit

Quote:"We hire people with disabilities. (It shows) here's what people with disabilities can do if you give them a chance,” Mark told Today.

John's Crazy Socks additionally gives 5 percent of its benefits to the Special Olympics. John himself is a Special Olympics competitor.

Furthermore, to wrap things up, they transport each request with adoration.

Quote:"Every package gets a thank you note from me," John said.

"We treat people the way we want to be treated. That means pay attention, treat people with respect and dignity, be transparent and honest. We want to be of service to others. The better we treat you, the better we serve you, the more successful our business will be."

Watch John and Mark talk about their plans for John's forthcoming birthday in the video beneath!


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