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Donald Trump has a Phobia of Stairs and Slopes
Donald Trump has a Phobia of Stairs and Slopes

It has developed that Theresa May was just captured as an inseparable unit with Donald Trump - on the grounds that, peculiar as it sounds, the president may have a dread of slants and required a relieving arm to arrange a declining stretch of way.

Would a man perplexed of tumbling down the stairs stress over other individuals tumbling down the stairs?
[Image: 1V6MbwV.png]

Donald Trump reacts to President Obama's lackluster China arrival. Would a man perplexed of stairs undermine to leave a G-20 summit over stairs?

As the couple strolled along the White House corridor on Friday, they experienced the highest point of a tender slant. It was Mr Trump who then offered his hand to Mrs May, clearly on edge the leader ought to enduring the nerves of the world's most intense man.
[Image: lK7CqzK.jpg]

[align=center][Image: Fvtsjud.jpg]

[Image: QJbLGk6.png]

[Image: qVGjPLd.jpg]

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