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Donald Trump Claimed That Hacking did not affect the election results
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Hacking did not affect the election results, claiming Donald Trump

Donald Trump Claimed That Hacking did not affect the election results
New York:
US elected President Donald Trump claimed that the results of the elections were not influenced by foreign powers hacking.
According to foreign media after the three intelligence agencies report about the hacking by Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation US president Donald Trump met with the heads of the National Security Agency and discussed the issue of hacking. After which Trump said in a statement that it had no bearing on the outcome of the presidential election was hacking from external powers, when he accused the Democratic Party of the Russian hackers the opportunity to their computers hacked provided.
[Image: V0YMmxv.jpg]

Donald Trump said Russia, China and other countries are engaged in hacking of US government, businesses and organizations and the Democratic National Committee's cyber infrastructure are engaged in breaking efforts, however, I believe that the presidential election had no effect on the results of hacking.

The US intelligence agencies issued a report in which it is released that Russian President Putin issued orders to influence the presidential election. Cyber attacks also used social media users by giving them compensation and giving benefit a group; government employees, think tanks and NGOs were hired in an organized way.

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