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Doctors Found Live Cockroach in Woman's Head
Doctors Found Live Cockroach in Woman's Head

Tamil Nadu:
Cockroach was recovered alive from a woman’s head in India which surprised even the doctor as well.
In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu a 42 years old lady felt something going into her nose. She thought that it might be because of the cold weather but then she felt something moving in her head and she went to hospital early in the morning.
The women told that she believed that a worm has entered into her head and when that worm moves she felt intense burning in her eyes.

[Image: C6PDaQF.jpg]

The woman later contacted the hospital, doctors said his nasal bone is growing but the women emphasized on the motion she was feeling so doctors suggest X-rays and scans to her.

She then contacted to another hospital and the doctors reviewed her head with Endoscopy and they found a Cockroach inside her head with two of Mustache (antenna) moving. The ENT specialist told that there is a big Cockroach in the woman’s head who don’t want to get out. The doctors sent the Cockroach is trapped in the base of the skull where the brain and the eyes meet.

[Image: bXj7UAz.jpg]

The doctors used different tools such as vacuum etc. and after the struggle of 45 minutes they successfully got Cockroach out of the head.

The most difficult work was that how to bring the Cockroach to a place where the doctors can pull out.
When the doctors got the Cockroach out and placed it on a paper, it started shaking his legs and began to spread the wings. Doctors said that the Cockroach could affect brain and caused a terrible infection in the brain after the death. The Cockroach was alive for 12 hours in the head.

There were leeches, flies and other insects pulled out from nose, eyes and ears but it is the first time that a Cockroach was found and recovered from a woman’s head.

[Image: FnQ1hxe.gif]

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