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Daylight Saving made little Brother Elder Than the Big Brother
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Daylight Saving made little Brother Elder Than the Big Brother

[Image: 0dRW93h.png]

Very Interesting Controversy rose up when twins were born in the United States. This was made interesting by the Daylight System when the little brother became elder than the young brother.

This interesting event happened in the mid night of Saturday and Sunday (5 and 6 November 2016). An American woman gave birth to two children in 31 minutes the first child (named Samuel) and the second child (named Ronan).

Samuel Peterson is 31 minutes older than his twin brother Ronan Paterson so theoretically 2 past 10 should be written as the second child’s date and time of birth, but in the US record Ronan's birth time was written as 1 past 10 at night because of 'Daylight saving' system in the United States.

The 'Daylight saving' system is in use from 1966 in the United States. Each year the clocks are forward by one hour on every March 13 at 2 AM and then on November 6 at 2 AM the clocks are set back one hour.

The birth of Samuel and Ronan took place when the Daylight saving system was going to end after 21 minutes in the United States. So in the Government’s record the second birth is recorded as it happened before the first one. Now according to the birth certificate the big brother is younger than the actually younger one.

The father said to the hospital staff, before the children birth, that we might going to face the birth issue with Daylight saving system for just fun and at the end they faced it.


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