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Chinese Stealth Drone "Sharp Sword" That Can Carry 2-Ton of Weight
2-ton bomb carrier Chinese stealth drone

Chinese Stealth Drone "Sharp Sword" That Can Carry 2-Ton of Weight

China has developed an amazing drone named "sharp sword" that can fly for two days without any additional fuel and can carry up-to 4000-pound heavy bomb.

[Image: 05yPzBn.jpg]

According to the US scientific journal it has been awarded second prize in the science and technology programs in China and it is the only developed drone after NATO drone.

Chinese officials want to use it in 2019 and 2020 to spy on foreign ships and monitored the surrounding areas.
Another important feature is the sharp sword to be "Stealth" that it does not appear on radar.

[Image: j5wyfme.jpg]

Aviation Industry Corporation of China has made it and the places on the right and left are there to place bombs on its arms.
Its length is 33 feet and 46 feet around the arms. The first test flight is expected in November 2017. It looks like American B-2 and a smaller model of X-47 B bomber. Further improvements will be made in the plane as making it capable of refueling other aircraft in the air and to hit the targets. Once fully fueled, can fly for two days while it could travel the distance of over 24,000 kilometers.

[Image: bDdJuqs.jpg]

The work on the generation of stealth aircraft is quite fast and according to Pentagon, China has been working on the six different models at this time.


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