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Applying the click rate to optimize your site's SEO
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Apart from Google engineers, no one in the SEO world knows how Google SEO works.

We have good ideas but we are not sure about it. And as an interested person in the field of SEO, we are looking for reverse engineering to find these algorithms.

We can find our time by working on bugs and issues, experimenting with these tests and errors, testing theories, and reading about SEO. We can rank well or rank well on the Google results page.

One of the things that affects and uses Google Rank or Google. Click rate.

A series of optimization firms, for example, RANK FISHKIN, says that the click rate is affecting SEO, and a number of these companies, like BARTOSZ GORALEWICZ, are entirely opposed to this theory.

Here I work on the theory that the click rate for SEO is useful. And I'll prove it and I will explain the increase in click rates for you.
How the click rate or CTR affects the SEO principle

Think about it for a few seconds. Every time you click on a link in Google results. Google counts it as a rate. Google is already measuring the number of clicks on a site. It measures how many times a click is clicked.
Do you think it's unreasonable to display pages that have more clicks than other pages on the front page?

Yes. That's right. It's easy to see that the click rate is an indicator to measure the goodness of a website relative to other sites.

So what happens if the user leaves a website quickly? Do you spend a little time on a site? Or users will have less return to that site. These will bring all the negative signals toward the search engine in relation to your site.

But if the user returns to a website and for each page to open more pages or your good content will keep the user in the site then Google will find out that your site is worthwhile.

Here are five of the things you can do to improve your clickthrough rates.

    Write a valid meta tag

When you write a title for the site, make sure you force the user to login to your site.

    Optimize the login page.

Just do not think about optimizing your clicks. This means spamming clicks for users. Have a good page that can keep users on your site when the user comes to your site.

    Use snippet structures for Google.

Snippets are one of the best ways to increase your website clicks. These will help users make better decisions about your site.

    Build a brand for you

If you are branded online. More users will click on your website. And will return to your site based on the trust you have found.

    Note the users of the site and respond to them

Think of the user's search for a food on Google, and Google will display the results to him. Most clicked on the first 5 sites displayed. However, for any reason, these 5 sites that enter the user do not have these foods, then the user clicks on the sixth option. If this option is the product of the user, the click rate of this site will increase and other competitors will be there.

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