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A cancer patient welcomed back in school by Hundreds
A cancer patient welcomed back in school by Hundreds

Hundreds welcome 3rd-grader back to school after fight with cancer

Bridget Kelley an eight year old girl got a welcome back to school she will never forget after missing one year and 3 months while being treated for cancer in hospital.

[Image: cdEcutn.jpg]

Bridget Kelley, 8, was simply seeking after an arrival to commonality on her first day back in grade school following a 15-month nonappearance for tumor medications and an undeveloped cell transplant.

Her cohorts and their folks ensured the third-grader's arrival on Jan. 2 was definitely not typical, because of an uncommon welcome the Kelley family will always remember.

[Image: tyHZ1qN.jpg]

When Bridget Kelly entered into Merrymount Elementary School in Quincy, Massachusetts, hundreds of students, parents, teachers and police officers were holding colorful signs to welcome her back in the school.

Megan Kelley Bridget's mother said that that was almost overwhelming. She further said that her daughter felt so special and so welcomed after such a long and hard road.

Kelley said, "When we saw all the people we thought she could be overwhelmed and embarrassed''. "But she raised her arms like 'Victory!' and she soaked it in. She totally went with it, and that made it that much more exciting."

Bridget Kelly was simply starting the second grade when she was determined in September 2016 to have intense lymphoblastic leukemia, a sort of blood disease. She burned through 88 days in the Boston Children's doctor's facility experiencing chemotherapy and surgeries.

[Image: jdVpDff.jpg]

Her condition required an undifferentiated cell transplant in March when she went poorly abatement immediately, her mom said.

Bridget's underlying conclusion came after she went to get a swollen tonsil evacuated, and a MRI uncovered it was something much more terrible.

Bridget's 3-year-old sister, Shannon, was the contributor for her undifferentiated cell transplant. She could just have restricted contact with individuals following the surgery since she was taking drugs stifling her invulnerable framework.

Bridget had her own particular room, a unique eating routine and restricted contact with companions that needed to occur outside the house.
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