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3Doodler the Best Printing Pen to Create Designs in the Air
3Doodler the Best Printing Pen to Create Designs in the Air

3Doodler printing pen is the new invention in the field of technology. Using this pen you can create any 3d graphic in the air.
Three-D printing is no longer fiction or dream. But it can only work with the help of certain large printer and software, but the problem has been solved by 3Doodler.

[Image: mpMvMfv.png]

3Doodler does not need any big area or any software. It can be used by anybody to create an art work in the air even a child can.
Three-D printing in plastic cartridges, equipped with heaters and soft microprocessor used software to understand the hand movements, all three are added in the pen printer for the same purpose.

[Image: 7SvWPgv.jpg]

As the ink flows from the pen tip, the plastic melted out quite thick tip of the 3Doodler and becomes solid in seconds.
3Doodler makers say that they have solved several shortcomings of the older versions in this 3rd version. Most importantly, sustainable plastics which have been used in Biodegradable is also being safe for children, and it melts at 50 degrees Celsius to 45.

[Image: HbTi3G3.jpg]

3Doodler Start”, it has a rechargeable battery installed and a plastic filaments cartridge of 16 colors. The inventors say that it can be used to entertain and teach as the same time.

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