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20 Interesting Facts You Do Not Know
20 Interesting Facts You Do Not Know

There are 20 interesting topics, all things interesting, interesting quotes or what ever you can call them that I can to know just before this post and wanted to share it with you.
[Image: D0sIgcW.jpg]

  1. In 1997 there was a storm in a Mexican town where frogs fell from the sky.
  2. Your sense of smelling goes away, while you are sleeping.
  3. Hummingbirds can’t walk.
  4. Beans are not allowed for Astronauts before going into space as because passing wind will damage their spacesuits.
  5. Grown-up/Adult polar bears generally simply eat the skin and fat/blubber of a seal. They leave the meat for whelps/cubs and foragers.
  6. A few Eskimos have been known to use fridges to keep their food not to freeze.
  7. There is around 200 times more gold on the planet's seas than there has been mined in our whole history.
  8. Each photo of an American nuclear bomb explosion was taken by Harold Edgerton. They were taken 1/100,000,000th of a second after explosion.
  9. Just men were permitted to eat at the first self-service restaurant, the Exchange Buffet in New York.
  10. Bread pieces were utilized to delete pencil lead before eraser/rubber came into utilization.
  11. More active your brain is while sleeping than sitting in front of the TV and watching it.
  12. The Birth Control tablets that human use to can work on gorillas as well.
  13. Driving around a dirty care is a criminal offense in Russia.
  14. Shakespeare spelled his own particular name a few distinctive ways.
  15. Nobody knows about the population of Bhutan because no census is been taken ever since 1975 in Bhutan.
  16. Only Nepal has the flag which is not square or rectangular in the whole world.
  17. Canada means “Big Village” and it is an Indian word.
  18. The opposite sides of a dice cube always add up to seven.
  19. It was illegal to offer E.T. dolls in France in light of the fact that there is a law against offering non-human looking dolls with human countenances.
  20. The North American sign language a raised right hand signifies "intense" and "courageous." A left hand place over a right hand signifies "entombment" and "demise."
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