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12 Kg of Waste Came Out From a Patient's Stomach
12 Kg of Waste From The Extracted From Patient's Stomach, 12 Kg of Waste Came Out From a Patient's Stomach

[Image: NZqF74b.jpg]

Chinese doctors have managed to get 28 pound of waste with the part of tripe (Intestine) from a 22 year old young man.
According to the patient, he has constipation from his childhood, and the waste was deposited in a large part of the intestine. The length of the waste was 30 inches and the doctors managed to get it out from a part of intestine. According to experts, this person was suffering from Hirschsprung's disease in which a part of the intestine is empty from the controller's nerves, and as a result the intestine suffers from swelling. Even the patient's stomach was like a pregnant woman, because the waste was gathering in the intestine and causing intense pain and gas.

[Image: TWz7v0J.jpg]

The initial test showed that waste has been gathering for several not for months but for years in its intestine, which had a body bulged. After a three-hour long operation, a team of doctors saved the patient from this problem. After extracting part of the intestine, doctors cured both of their heads so that waste cannot come out, but this 30-inch long part can tell us how painful it had been for the patient.

Medical experts say that one of the 5000 people may suffer from Hirschsprung's disease patients on average and it is common in men. In this patients are treated with surgery.

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